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The Memory Network’s interdisciplinary events, discussions, experiments, original research and other activities form traces around the themes of time, space, brain, senses and digital.

Time: The Network’s interest in time concerns the future as much as the past. We think about the role memory has to play in prediction, evolution, and other forms of change in the twenty-first century.

Space: Navigating and describing space both involve remembering, and the Network examines how memory shapes and is shaped by cities, buildings, and human/natural environments.

Brain: The Network aims to move beyond binary debates about the brain and the self and investigate in detail how humans experience and remember the world through conscious and artistic activity, as well as different types of perception.

Senses: Phenomenological research reminds us that memory relies on embodied concepts of the world. The Network explores distributed consciousness and the connection between sense and language in remembering.

Digital: The Network reflects on the shifting world of social media, online archiving, and virtual reality, asking how our new cyborg selves remember and will be remembered.