CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Are you interested in finding out more about the way we use memory to navigate the city?

If you are between 18-35 years of age; in good health and with no history of mental illness; not visually impaired; a fluent English speaker; right-handed; and conservatively coiffed, the read on…

If you fit all of the above criteria, and also consider yourself to possess good navigation abilities, have little knowledge of Soho, London, and pockets of free time between late January and early March read on…

We are looking for participants for an exciting experimental study on navigation in London.  The Memory Network has previously conducted successful experiments in this area of London with author Will Self.

The study involves learning an area of London from maps and through a guided tour and then completing a series of navigation tasks in Soho whilst wearing a mobile EEG device. Before testing we take a number of steps in a selection process. First we will ask you to fill out a several questionnaires to determine your navigation and wayfinding abilitites. On the basis of these results you may then be invited to participate and asked to fill in other questionnaires about your prior knowledge of the area and learn a number of features from maps, images, and a guided tour. During the testing, you will be asked to navigate through the learned environment, to carry a backpack and use a smartphone device and your brain activity will be recorded using EEG.

We would need around 5 hours of your time, split over 3 sessions over the course of a week, and you will be paid £7.50/hour for this.

For further information or to register interest in participating in this study, please e-mail N.B.: places are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

A short video on the Memory Network’s previous experiment on navigation in Soho with Will Self

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