The Memory Network links up with South-East Asian universities

Recently the Memory Network’s Principal Investigator Sebastian Groes travelled to Malaysia to forge links with Malaysia’s UKM university, and to start a South-East Asian branch of the AHRC-funded project. Groes taught and lectured during his visit to University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and set up two memory-related projects with colleagues there. The first is a health awareness project, ‘Biographies of Kuala Lumpur’, which centres on a biopsychosocial mapping of one of South-East Asia’s most successful cities, Kuala Lumpur (‘KL’). This project is particularly interested in how memory and self-perception are implicated in obesity, one of the greatest health threats in the West and in Malaysia. Simultaneously, Groes and colleagues kick-started a cultural memory research project focusing on Kuala Lumpur and its cultural and social heritage. For this project, “KL: Visions and Voices of the City”, UKM students have started creating a collective psychogeography of the city on Facebook:


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